"If I'd known I was going to live so long, I'd have taken better care of myself" ...Leon Eldred
Almost ten years since opening it's doors, Mrs Bee's Healthy Options has established itself locally with it's friendly and qualified staff. Rina Beechey (proprietor) and Niamh Kelly feel passionate about alternative medicine, health foods and holistic therapies with a combined experience and qualifications of nearly twenty five years. Their knowledge and understanding of everyday ailments and conditions is evident in the success of Mrs Bee's Healthy Options.
Rina Beechey (Mrs Bee)
With all her years experience, Rina (or Mrs Bee as she's otherwise known) offers a wealth of knowledge to the store. This is supported with courses, qualifications and a hunger for new knowledge in the ever challenging area of health and nutrition. However, it is her patience and understanding that shines out to all who meet her and her willingness to help that makes a visit to Mrs Bee's Healthy Options the first of many.
Niamh Kelly
Niamh started her training in Waterford CTI studying complimentary therapies. She has been with Mrs Bee's for 8 years. Niamh has completed her IAHS Customer Care Protocol. Niamh also holds a Certificate in Healthfood Retailing, issued by the Healthfood institute, UK. Her love of her job and helping others is evident in her ability to manage the the store in Rina's absence. Working with Rina for so long a few of her ideals have "rubbed off" and although not related, Niamh is an invaluable member of Mrs Bee's family business.
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